Decorating Details: Doorknobs

Doorknobs 7 Doorknobs 2We have been making some changes to The Home Idea Factory including creating a new test kitchen / dining space that I’m thrilled with! My contractor did an amazing job, and he really understood what the Lifestylist Design philosophy was all about.

Creating a great team is what can make a room go from ordinary to extraordinary, and finding the perfect doorknobs is a great example of the difference a designer can make. Mike our contractor kept things moving smoothly, and when it came time to buy and install the door hardware he went with a polished brass with a tulip doorknob. Just that small detail held back the overall look I was trying to achieve. the space is an open loft with block walls and its needs a little color and softness to make the space inviting instead of cold.

I decided to try and find glass doorknobs with satin nickel hardware and went to all of my local home improvement stores and architectural supply sources spending hours and hours in the car with no luck. But I know what I wanted and wouldn’t give up.

Then I remembered about and decided to give it a try and sure enough, they had them at a great price – under $10.00 a set! I got them quickly and they are exactly what I was looking for.

Here’s a link to what I found – think of what a difference they could make in your home’s personality!

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