Finding Joy 2011

It's hard to believe that in a few hours it will be a new year, but I'm ready for it! 2010 was a struggle for many, and I love the fact that each year rings in with it a sense of optimism and hope.

We all make New Years resolutions that we may or may not keep, but this year I'm making one I'm going to work on every day: finding joy. I have so many blessings, and it's important to remember that. This year I'm determined to enjoy each and every minute I get to spend with my kids and grandchildren, enjoy the journeys I get to take whether that's to the local Mexican supermarket or to another country, and to slow down and enjoy my gardens, a spectacular sunset and my family.

I'm also going to make a commitment to help stop suffering and have compassion for all living beings - animals and people alike. We have rescued quite a few animals on our own, and the love they share with me every day makes it all worthwhile.This year I'm going to extend that effort and try to do more.

I also am so lucky to be able to love what I do and be able to make a living doing it. Helping as many people have a safe roof over their heads and a clean bed to sleep in is a purpose that I'll continue to work on. Every day I go past my neighbors new house and know that I helped get them a safe roof over their heads makes it easier for me to sleep as well.

Having a fantastic and successful New Year isn't just about making more money or being more successful, for me it's about finding joy, and appreciating it when I find it.

Happy Holidays!

May your life be filled with happiness, style, and great taste!

Lifestylist® Advisory: Wisteria Outlet

One of the great things about living in Dallas is that's it's a great place to shop, and if you love things like I do that are unique and have lots of personality, The Wisteria Outlet is the place for you.

Wisteria is one of my favorite catalogs as well, so I was thrilled when I found they had an outlet near me. When I'm doing model home interiors they make my job easy - I never go away empty handed and many of the items that I purchase become the signatures of that home.

They understand marketing as well, and I wanted to share a really cute promotion I got from them the other day. The address was Santa's Workshop , North Pole. Inside was this very cute letter, and a copy of their recent catalog. It got my attention, and inspired me to visit the store for those last minute Christmas purchases.

Take a look at their online catalog and see why this is such a great resource.