Re-Defining Country Curtains

Sometimes it really pays off to keep an open mind. I had the manager of the Rochester Country Curtains call me about the Ronald McDonald Homearama House I’m doing with @Home Builders and express an interest in being included in the home. The name scared me because the home is anything but country, but I told them to send me a catalog and I’d take a look.

What a pleasant surprise! The colors were right on trend, the styling was beautiful and the prices were great. They have been an absolute delight to deal with as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing everything installed.

Digging for buried Treasures

jerry.jpgI'm in Rochester! It's finally time to put the items we want for the Ronald McDonald Showhouse on the truck and make some magic happen! I think everyone will be surprised at what we have come up with and how all of it will flow together. I know that some of the volunteers that I worked with today were scratching their heads trying to understand my vision.

typewriter.jpgMost of my day was spent digging through boxes, containers, and piles of goodies looking for the buried treasure that I knew was there and it was. Wait until you see the aqua typewriter I found in perfect condition! I want to buy the entire study just so I can own that gem.

Making a house or room come together is about being flexible and being willing to step away from an idea if it just isn't coming together. Today we had to make some tough choices, but I feel that we made the right ones and we are going in the right direction.

Tomorrow is moving day and I finally get to see the items in the house. All of the items will be sold by an online auction that will be up shortly. As soon as I have all of the information I'll post it here.