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Cheers to 2023!

2023 is finally here - we can't wait to see what this year has in store for us! 

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays from our homes to yours!

Happy 2021!

 Here's to a positive, loving, motivated 2021!

Holiday Decorating

Happy Fourth of July! With all that is going on with COVID we decided to stay home this year and stay safe. It was the perfect excuse to get some things down around the house and to organize some of family photos from past years.

A few years ago we decided to take our decorating skills to the lake and decorate our family's boat for the Fourth of July. I am a huge believer in supporting your kids (and everyone else's!) creativity. We were going to enter the annual boat parade, and my very creative granddaughter decided that she wanted to make a dragon float. 
It was her design, she did all of the painting, and it was fantastic, and the only one on the lake!

My parents have since then sold the lake house, but I am grateful we have so many photos and memories.
It was a great chance create together and celebrate family and friends and have a great time together. 

Here is hoping you were able to stay safe and enjoy the holidays as well!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hoping that your Thanksgiving is full of great food, friends, family and love.

Winning Wine Storage Solutions

The things you learn. Five years ago I enjoyed wine, but I had no idea that my love of the vine would totally change the direction of my brand. It's OK to just enjoy a glass of wine, but I'm fascinated about how the grapes are grown and where, the people behind the labels, and lately I've been learning about how to properly store your growing wine collection.

When I met winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset I had no idea about how my world was about to change, but it did - in a wonderful way. Charming, passionate about his craft, and one of the best storytellers I have ever met. It was such a treat to interview him for CandysDirt.com and our article about wine storage.

Adding the Lifestylist touch to the new SKS Experience and Design Center was a dream come true. The new Signature Kitchen Suite wine preservation columns are the ideal way to not only showcase but to store your wines correctly - we think that you will love them as much as we do!