Great Design Never Ends

I saw a commercial recently for One Kings Lane and I can’t remember exactly what the saying was, but it was something close to “Great Design Never Ends”. What a great and true tag line – designing your home shouldn’t have a completion date – it should evolve and change just like you do.

When I bought the Home Idea Factory one of the biggest appeals to me was that it was a huge raw space and I’d never have to add on. After 11 years I still love it and never want to leave, but whenever I’m home to enjoy it I’m making small (or large) changes that keep it fresh and exciting.

I’m on my way right now to Rochester to attend the Ronald McDonald House Household Sale – something I’ve made a point of attending for quite awhile. A few years ago I was asked by the Rochester Builders Association and @home Builders to stage a home using only items that had been donated to this sale. It was a daunting task – the home was over 2,000 sq ft – but we did it and some of those ideas that we did are still my favorite. Recycling great items and also helping a wonderful organization like the Ronald McDonald House are great reasons to get back to Rochester every year.

I can’t wait to see what I find this year, and I already have a mover lined up to bring all of my goodies back to Dallas – I’m ready to shop!