Factory Built Homes Offer The Best in Island Living

There's nothing I enjoy more than getting to go visit my kids and grandkids in Florida, and I'm always interested in what housing trends work for their lifestyles. My son-in-law made a great observation - they built a home that has a large open kitchen with an island, and he said they thought the kitchen was huge when they built it, now they wish it was larger - especially with a more functional island.

Factory built housing has been a trendsetter in this area for years, and the islands that you can find in a manufactured and modular home exceed what you find for the same value in site built homes. Besides being large they are functional and often offer seating, storage for small appliances, bookcases and enough countertop space to be able to cook for a crowd.

SE Homes excels in their island design, and the use of Formica's new 180f/x® laminates look like you have a granite or marble countertop without the price. SE Homes of Texas now offer a backsplash in their homes that looks like tine ceiling tiles - and the mix of these metals with the dark cabinets and granite-look countertops is stunning.

Factory built housing is all about achievable design, and many of the kitchens you find in these homes make you wonder why you would have considered anything else.

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