Consumers Speak Up About The New American Home

After IBS 2011 was over, the owners of The New American Home were gracious enough to let their beautiful new home be open to the public as a fundraiser for Give Kids The World. I know the couple was anxious to move in but they also wanted to be able to help this very worthwhile organization.

As a Lifestylist®, much of what I incorporate into my designs comes from listening to the clients, and I was curious about what consumers would think about this beautiful home. Video camera in hand, I headed over to the home to ask visitors what they thought. It was interesting how what consumers focused on during their visit was very different from what IBS attendees remembered about the home. This was a great lesson for me - remember who the customer is and be sure that you show them what they want to see.

I spoke with the home owners and they are finally moving in today! They sound happy and excited to be moving into their new home, and I can't wait to share how they feel about their new surroundings.

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