BeauFlor - The Next Generation of Flooring Has Arrived

As a Lifestylist®, one of the things I spend a lot of time on is sourcing and specifying products for the home. Flooring is especially important, and I've seen a movement lately from what we've always expected to see in a home to some really exciting, unexpected products. Your lifestyle should play a huge part in what you want in different rooms in your home - do you have pets, kids, allergies to be concerned about  or do you lead an active lifestyle? All of these should be considerations as to what type flooring you have in your home.

The Home Idea Factory is a perfect example of this. Living and working in a 1940's building has lots of different challenges - add to that all of the animals we rescue and grandbabies - what you end up with is a need for something that is easy maintenance & a lot of style as well to make this Lifestylist® happy. I've been looking for years to find the perfect flooring for my media room which is my favorite room at the factory and where I spend most of my time. It is large so tiling or wood was cost-prohibitive, I knew carpet wouldn't last since the dogs enjoy this room as well. I also wanted something with some sound barriers since the photography studio is below. When I discovered BeauFlor I knew I had my answer.

Believe it or not, this is a resilient vinyl flooring that is available in wider widths which means less or no seams. It also doesn't have the paper backing that many vinyl floors have which can add to mold issues, and it is "lay flat - stay flat". The patterns are absolutely amazing - I have been in homes that have BeauFlor in them and I have seen customers get on their hands and knees to see if the flooring was real tile or wood - actually it looks better in some cases! Plus you get the cost savings of a resilient flooring and the savings on installation - what more could you ask for?

Champion Homes of Texas has been using this flooring in their homes, and the customers love the look and how easy it is to care for. If you get a chance, be sure to take a look at this product in the nearest Champion Homes to you, or contact Syntec Industries to learn more about this amazing product. I can't wait to have it in The Idea Factory to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying!

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