Suite Dreams

Biloxi BedroomI just got back from a great week in New York City where I was able to shadow Chef Joanne Bondy as she prepared for her amazing James Beard Dinner. We did a lot of walking, shopping and of course eating. The weather was cold and rainy, but nothing could dampen our spirits as we prepared for the big day. As a splurge we decided to stay at a very trendy boutique hotel - one that was nicer (and more expensive) than any other hotel I've ever stayed in. Obviously I had high expectations, and the lobby was spectacular, but when we got to our room, the bubble burst. For the rest of the week we referred to our rooms as "the closet" but sadly my closet is bigger than the room was.

That was even OK - I know space is at a premium in New York and I didn't plan on spending much time in my room. But was the real deal breaker was that the beds / mattresses were horrible. I'll put up with a lot, but this Lifestylist gets very grouchy when I don't get a good night's sleep. Most hotels - especially the Hilton and Westin Hotels with their heavenly beds have realized that their guests want and expect decent beds to that point that many hotels even market their beds and accessories - if you love them when you stay with them you can purchase that suite and enjoy it in your own bedroom suite at home. My sister is so sold on the Westin Heavenly beds she won't stay at any other hotels.

When you are planning your master suite, think about how important a good night's sleep is to you, and what can help you achieve that. Soothing colors, sheets and bedding that you can get lost in, and especially the right mattress can make all of the difference in the world.

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