Recession Proof Design

Last week I was in Rochester, NY for the annual ABC Sale that benefits the Ronald McDonald House. We may be in a recession, but there are still plenty of people out there that know how to be smart shoppers and don’t mind standing in line for a great deal.

This sale is the one that I had used merchandise from to merchandise my Homearama House 2008 for @Home Builders, so I was anxious to go back and see what goodies I might be able to find that I could use in my own home and models.

When they told me how big the sale was I was a little skeptical, but it lived up to every expectation and then some. And what amazing finds! The Homearama House featured a bookcase that was merchandised with vintage Kodak cameras from an Estate that was donated, and the rest of this collection was offered at the sale. I think these ended up being some of the most popular items in the sale, and when they opened the doors people literally ran to the area where the cameras were displayed and started grabbing. I was able to get a few, but some people were faster than I was.

Check out your local thrift shops, estate sales and church tag sales - you’ll be amazed at what great personality pieces are out there that can add a special touch to your design and allow you to still have some money left in the bank!

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