A Dozen ways to live your Life with Style

orchid-chairs-067.jpgGreat design isn't about how much you spend but how you spend it. Sometimes the best ideas don't even cost a dime, but by re-purposing items that you already have or digging thru those storage containers you have in the basement you can come up with a completely different look.

rmh-vip-066.jpgWe just finished a really innovative home in Rochester, NY that was a show house for @Home Builders and The Ronald McDonald House. What truly made the home unique was that it was completely merchandised with furniture, artwork and accessories that had been donated to The Ronald McDonald House for their ABC Sale that is help annually. I was able to dig thru the warehouse that stored these treasures and come up with a complete home that ended up being the crowd favorite at the 2008 Homearama that is sponsored by the Rochester Home Builders Association. To get more information on the home and the process we have a separate Lifestylist site.

This home was also a great chance for us to "practice what we preach" and to show how it can come together. We have come up with 12 different ways you can use the Lifestylist® philosophy and live your own life with style.

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